Temple Profile: Mandir Shri Jagat Shiromaniji
Location: Amer God Worshipped: Lord Vishnu
District: Jaipur Road Distance from Jaipur: 8 kms
Built in the year: 1608 AD Nearest Airport: Jaipur (20 kms)
By Queen Shringar Devi Kanakawat Nearest Rly. Station: Jaipur (10 kms)

Cause of Establishment:
Queen Shringar Devi Kanakawat wife of king Man Singh got this splendid temple constructed in the memory of her son Jagat Singh. Built between her 1599 A.D. to 1608 A.D. this temple is an excellent example of a palatial edifice built on a height. The locally available stone, white marble and black stone have been used as material of construction. What adds to the beauty of this grand creation is the depiction of trumpeting elephants and horses scenes from Puranas and pictorial depiction of characters as well as some social scenes drawn in a series on high. The mandapam of the temple is two storyed.

Brief of the Diety:

The temple was built by the royal queen Kanakawati to commemorate her son Jagat Singh. She wanted the temple to be a universally renowned temple and hence the nomenclature “ Jagat SinghMani” i.e. Head Jewel of the idol of Lord Vishnu.

Religious sect to which the temple belongs:

The temple belongs to the Vaishnava cult of Hindus .It is universally worshipped.

Architecture of the Temple:
Important Architectural Characteristics:

The south Indian style of temple architecture has been used. The temple was to lie a universally renowned temple and hence the menenclature " Jagat Singh Mani" i.e. Head Jewel of the idol of Lord Vishnu.

Material of Construction:

Locally available stone; white marble; bluish stone, lead and copper

Total Construction Time: 9 years
Religious aspects of temple:

The white idol of Vishnu is there in the shrine. An idol of Lord Krishna is also there Mira Bai the renewed devotee used to worship this idol here. This is idol called Mira Mandir.

Unique features of the temple:

At the entrance gate we find a beautifully ornamental toran or bracketing. Nearby in a canopy these is idol of Garudji, The vehicle of Lord Vishnu. More that eleven lac rupees were spent on construction of this temple.

Festivals & Fairs in Temple (Main Events):

Amongst the prominent festivals are Janamashtami, Annakuta, Sharat Poornima etc.

Morning Time: 6.00 am to 1.00 pm

Evening Time:

4.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Custom & Traditions of Temple:

Traditions, customs and modes of worship commonly used in Vaishnava temples are followed here.

Details of Temple:
Sanctrum(Sanctorum): 1
Verandah: 1
Rasoi: 1
Others: Following the Vaishnava traditions Mangala, Shringar and Raj Bhoga aaratis are held.
Vandana (If any particular) in text:


Issues requiring global attention for conservation, protection and improvement of the temple:

This is a heritage temple .

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